After 3 years since I started driving lessons I passed my driving test yesterday on my first attempt too! I never had the confidence to go for my test and kept doubting myself but Mary was the most patient and helpful instructor I have ever met. She pulled me up on my bad habits and also gave me the reassurance I needed that I was actually well able for it. I am the worst person when it comes to nerves I’m nearly short of hyperventilating sometimes but Mary was so calming I could not have done it with out her. 100% recommend Mary especially to those who would be very nervous and no confidence when it comes to the driving test. Thanks so much again Mary x

Lauren Fitzgerald, Kildare.


Delighted to have passed my test today, wouldn’t have done so without the help of Mary, she corrected my mistakes straight away, very patient and helped me become a very confident driver, would absolutely recommend Mary for everyone thinking about going for their test.

Jamie Connolly, Kildare


I highly recommend Mary as a driving instructor. After several failed attempts over the years, I put the test off and finally decided it was time to change my instructor. I found Mary to be relaxed, very patient and highly knowledgeable on all aspects of driving.  I felt at ease in her company immediately and was able to learn at a faster rate than before. This in itself is vitally important. Her teaching skills were excellent along with her lovely personality. She has a unique way of empowering you with confidence and belief in yourself. I had dreaded the thought of another test before meeting Mary but soon began to enjoy practising the required driving manoeuvres as I slowly improved my technique due to her instruction. Delighted to have had Mary recommended to me and would highly recommend  her to anyone I meet who wishes to attain a full license. Thanks again Mary.

Jean Dowling.


I cannot recommend Mary enough! I have had my provisional for many years and never attempted a driving test and as the years went on I just kept on avoiding it. I finally decided to get lessons and contacted Mary. From the get go Mary provided an effortless professional door to door service and put me at ease immediately. I had a lot of bad habits that needed a lot of work but this was no problem for Mary. Even up to the day of my test Mary put me at ease and made sure i was 100% prepared. I wasn’t asked any questions or asked to do anything that Mary hadn’t already practised with me many times which was a huge help for the test. To know that I now have a full licence and that my insurance premium has gone down in price dramatically is a huge relief! If you want to pass your driving test first time then contact Mary!

Mel, Kilcullen


Mary is an amazing driving instructor, she was always very encouraging and kind without being negative or critical. When I started with Mary I was a very nervous driver and not at all sure of myself behind the wheel. Thanks to Mary’s direction I learned to trust my instincts and enjoy driving. She certainly gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test. I couldn’t think of anyone I would recommend more highly than Mary!

– Aoibheann Sullivan, Kildare


Thanks to Mary, I passed my driving test on the first go. I started my 12 lessons with her over 2 years ago and because I relocated to a different country for a short period of time, I only got the chance to do my test now. Mary was extremely accommodating with doing extra lessons between the time I came home and my driving test and was the best teacher and makes it feel like you are being taught by a friend. I highly recommend her to everyone, no matter the circumstance.

Jayne Hanrahan, Kildare


I would have no hesitation in recommending Mary’s Driving School. I would have found it very difficult to pass my test without Mary’s sound advice & endless patience. My nerves were definitely one of my biggest problems & Mary really helped me to fine tune everything so much so that I felt confident going into my test. I passed my test without any faults & it was down to Mary’s guidance.

Lisa Power, Naas


I couldn’t recommend Mary enough. I came to her having already failed a driving test. Due to this and not having someone to practice driving with, I had lost a lot of confidence and thought I’d never pass. Mary has an amazing gift of being able to read people, she could always tell when I was second guessing myself or when I was nervous. She was always patient with me and taught me how to control my nerves. She also taught me how to do my manuovres in ways that I can remember (it was triangles for me) and focused on the areas I struggled with so that I could improve. I always had it in my mind that I was going to fail the test but Mary helped banished those demons – she was my biggest cheerleader. Despite not having driven for well over a month, with a 5 hrs pretest with Mary, I passed my test. I was taught how to drive not how to pass a driving test. Thank you for being so kind and accommodating Mary.

P. S. I’m hard of hearing and once Mary knew it, she used her hands to show the direction she wanted me to go as well as saying it. I also told the tester to use this technique as it made things less stressful.

Sarah Oladapo


To say I was an anxious mess when I met Mary is an understatement!! I had failed my driving test 4 times in the past, and had also a very bad experience on the road earlier this year which had knocked my confidence further.

Mary was an absolute lifesaver in my time of despair and need – she helped me find my confidence on the road and best of all, with her assistance I finally passed the driving test!!
So thank you Mary – you are one in a million and I am so unbelievably grateful for all your help!!!
Sarah in Maynooth


Book Mary now for driving lessons, you will not be disappointed. Mary is a great instructor. So much patience and gives good advice. She really help me build my confidence for my driving test. I am so happy I found mary I don’t think I would have passed my test today if I didn’t get lessons with her.



Well, I finally passed my driving test at 38 years old! To be honest I had just about given up on driving. INí had tried learning a few times with various instructors but each time I let nerves get the better of me. I came across Mary’s Driving School by chance online and I never looked back! Mary is such a wonderful instructor, from the get go I felt at ease, something I had never felt before with other driving instructors, they always seemed anxious to get the lesson started and get you out on the road, which really doesn’t suit everyone, particularly someone like me who was a nervous wreck when it came to driving. With Mary it is completely different, she’s just so patient and really takes the time to make sure your nerves are quietened somewhat before you set off. I cannot recommend Mary highly enough, she is a fantastic teacher and with her guidance and instruction, I managed to pass my test, surprisingly with ease, in the end. I now really enjoy driving, who would have ever thought! Thank you so much Mary!

Emma, Newbridge.


After 3 unsuccessful attempts at my driving test, a friend introduced me to Mary. Mary is such an exceptional teacher..she did an excellent job and really helped me understand the nitty gritty of driving by explaining the dynamics very well and in more than one way – she made sure i “got” it..thank you so much for impacting so much in so little time (3 driving lessons) and making my experience with you remarkably wonderful and SUCCESSFUL…I PASSED my driving test !!!! I will recommend you again and again!!!💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾- Adebisi.

Bisi, Naas


I passed my test first time! I was on my second licence and I didn’t have a lot of opportunity to practice driving. I had built up a block about doing my test and even the thought of it made me extremely anxious. I looked online for instructors, because despite having completed all my edt lessons I was nowhere near ready to take the test. I found Mary in my search, I got in touch, and immediately she was very accommodating and up for the challenge. During lessons Mary was extremely patient and immediately put me at ease. In total I did seven hours worth of lessons with Mary over a course of 2 months. Outside of the lessons I worked extremely hard to practice everything that we talked about and to get more opportunities to drive. I was very nervous about doing my test but it just goes to show that putting in hard work, practicing, and having a great, supportive instructor can really go a long way in achieving that certificate of competency and passing the test first go. I would really recommend getting lessons with Mary, she’ll get you to do everything you need to do and get you where you need to be, as long as you put in the time and work. Thanks Mary!

Jemma Corrigan Coules, Naas


Over the past years I have done my driving test on a number of occasions without success, I would be a very anxious  person, particular when doing my driving test.
A couple of months ago, I was very lucky to meet Mary who I feel had a very calming and positive approach which helped me to relax and focus on what had to be done.
I am delighted to say that I passed the test last Friday and which I feel I would not have done so without her excellent teaching.
I would strongly recommend Mary to any person wishing to have instructions, ( It worked for me ).

Aoife    11/06/2017


I would recommend Mary to anyone looking to do lessons. She makes everything you need to know about driving simple and easy to understand. Also Mary is an extremely nice women who makes the whole experience easier and better.

Tom Tinsley, Newbridge


I would highly recommend Mary to anyone looking to pass their driving test. I had developed a few bad habits which she was a huge help with. Mary puts you at ease and teaches you driving skills in a straightforward and easy to understand way. She was very encouraging and helpful and went out of her way to accommodate me for lessons.
If you want to pass your test, Mary is your only woman!

Brendan, Leixlip.


I have nothing but praise for Mary Price. She corrected a lot of my bad driving habits with gentleness and precision. She was very patient, clear about how to drive safely, and helped me with my fear of taking the driving test. I’ve taken lessons with other teachers, and I think Mary is the best out there.

Mary Ann Valiulis (Mimi), Naas


Passed my test first time!!

I want to take this opportunity to thank Mary for all the help and advice she gave me during our lessons together. I started my lessons with another instructor and had half of them finished but still felt like I was beginner in the car. I switched to Mary and I can truly say she went the extra mile to help me feel calm and collected while driving. She helped me understand the car and the proper way of driving rather than just giving me instructions on where to go and what I did wrong. I passed my test on my first go which a few months before I couldn’t have even imagined doing so! I would without a doubt recommend Mary to anyone preparing for their test. Thank you so much Mary! Wishing you all the best!

Elisha, Kill, Co. Kildare


Mary is a great driver instructor; honestly it felt like I was spending time with a close friend in each lesson! I continuously looked forward to my driving lesson with her. Mary not only taught me well but gave me the encouragement and confidence that I needed and found lacking with previous instructors. Even if I made a mistake Mary would see the positive and encourage me to keep trying, after we figured out what needed to be changed. When I finally nailed it she would always acknowledge it and praise me. I felt relaxed, at ease and comfortable during every moment I spent in her company. I honestly think that wouldn’t have enjoyed my driving experiences quite as much if I didn’t have Mary as my instructor. Now that I have passed my driving test with Mary’s help I will miss spending time with her (especially the 8:30 am Sunday morning lessons hahaha) but I will always have great memories of my driving lessons and her encouragements. I cannot recommended Mary’s driving school enough not only will you learn whats necessary to be a safe and confident driver you will come away with life long memories
Olivia Murray, Celbridge


I can’t thank you enough I really appreciate the time you spent teaching me.
I took my 12 edt lessons aswell as a good few extra lessons with Mary and I passed my driving test first time round! She is such a helpful and caring instructor. As an extremely nervous driver at the start she worked with me to get over my fears and educate me on driving. I’m so grateful for everything she has done for me and will never forget all she has taught me. I would recommend anyone thinking of learning to drive to contact her.

I wish you all the best in the future.
Elaine, Maynooth


A huge thank you to Mary,

Having failed my driving test twice I was very deflated and my confidence as a driver was low. I was looking for an instructor who understood where my difficulties lay.  I felt I was competent driver but fell apart under test conditions.  Mary “got me” from my first lesson.  She helped me change my thoughts and attitude to the test and after only four lessons I passed my test.  I cannot recommend Mary enough.  Her ability to understand personal issues and hang ups is a very rare talent as well as being an excellent instructor.  She focuses on the positives and builds your confidence while strengthening your weaknesses.

Best wishes Vera, Newbridge.


Passed First Time.

” I have had a number of lessons with other driving instructors without success but Mary was incredible.  I immediately felt at ease, relaxed and comfortable.  Not only did her helpful little tips take the pressure off the process but her demeanour and attitude made it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  I can’t recommend Mary enough, whether you’ve never driven before or like me had bad habits after a few years of bad driving, Mary is absolutely the woman for the job”

Aisling Goodwin, Monasterevin


I would like to thank Mary for everything shes done to help me pass my test. After previous instructors and a failed attempt at passing my test last year I was almost giving up! Mary instantly calmed my nerves and thought me how to drive safely in my own way rather than trying to please the tester which I think is why I failed the first time. I honestly cannot recommend her enough, she spotted all my bad habits and gave me great tips! I went from failing with a grade 3 and several grade 2’s and 1’s to passing with absolutely no marks bar one grade 1 for doing the turnabout in 5! I can live with that 🙂 Thanks Mary! ”

Best wishes,

Francesca Di Ruscio


Thank you Mary one of the professional driving instructor . I can’t pass my driving test without your instruction.My driving skills are getting much more improvement now after the 12 lesson EDT.
Kildare town


I did my 12 driving lessons and a pretest with Mary and would highly recommend her to anyone starting off. Excellent at all aspects of teaching how to drive and fantastic at motivating and encouraging. Very punctual and patient. Very friendly and capable of putting you at ease. Once again I would like to thank her for helping me pass my first time and for all her help.

Amy Scanlan, Nurney


Dear Mary,

Once again, I would like to thank you so much for your patience, help and big support! I would never pass my test without you. You believed in me and helped me to build up the confidence I needed. I really enjoyed all of our lessons (missing them already). You are the best teacher and lovely person. I would recommend you to anyone!!!

Wishing you all the best,

Magdalena Homa, Maynooth


Its Mitchelle here, I passed my test first time yesterday, all thanks to Mary (observation, mirrors,etc) she’s excellent driving instructor, I’d highly recommend it to everyone.

Mitchelle Bayona, Tallaght


I have completed 12 EDT lessons with Mary and sat my driving test, which I passed first time around. Mary was a huge success with me. She was calm, kind, patient, punctual and very friendly putting her students at ease. She always showed her confidence in me, allowing me to be confident in myself. She gives everything she has and judging her skills she has plenty of experience. Mary was always very flexible with hours and willing to slot me in when she could. I will, without a doubt, be recommending her to all new drivers. Thank you so much Mary, really appreciate everything

Aisling O’Hora, Newbridge


I have just passed my driving test , first time and I couldn’t have done it without Mary.  Mary is obviously a very experienced and patient instructor.  My confidence was at an all time low and with Mary’s help and understanding my confidence grew and grew. Everything was explained clearly and Mary’s manner and professionalism was behind  every piece of advise given.  The hours were flexible and the rate very attractive.  I am so happy I decided to give my driving one last go and I owe it all to Mary  I am a full licence driver.  Thank you Mary!!!!

Tracy Craig,  Naas


I passed my test today having been driving for over 6 years and not really taking the driving test seriously … until I met Mary! She gave me confidence in my ability as a driver and kept at all my bad habits or weaker driving skills until I got each one right. She is so patient and encouraging and every piece of advice is delivered in a calm, concise and measured way – there’s also no such thing as a stupid question with Mary – I’ve asked them all and she’s never batted an eyelid!
I wish you all the best Mary with your future endeavours and will most certainly be recommending you to family and friends.

Claire Shanahan, Sallins


Without Mary I don’t think I would have passed my driving test. Mary was always punctual, patient and flexible with me and gave me the confidence to do it. She explained things very well and gave great tips and support. Thanks Mary for all your help.

Anne, Kildare


Great instructor, who gives 100% to her students. Classes were brilliant and very helpful. I just recently passed my driving test for the first time and did it easily with the helpful guidance of Mary.

Lee O’Donoghue, Knocklyon


“After my lessons with Mary, I passed my driving test the first time around. I was delighted and shocked and felt I couldn’t have done it without Mary’s guidance, help and support throughout my learning experience. She explains everything so well about driving and the car, which I did not learn from a previous instructor. This helped a great deal in understanding my driving and gave me confidence in what I was doing in the vehicle at all times. During the lessons, she gave great tips, support and honest direction in what needed to be done.

All of this gave me the confidence to face my driving test head on and perform my best on the day. After passing my test, I knew Mary’s lessons with me were key to me performing so well and passing the test.”

Katie, Miltown, Kildare.


Dear Mary,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your lessons as I passed my driving test today with ease.  I thought your style of teaching was brilliant you were very clear, very easy to understand and great communicator  and you were totally focused on your job.
And I felt very comfortable with you from the start.
I will highly recommend you to anyone that wishes to learn how to drive.
The best of luck Mary and thanks again.
Tara, KCR


“I cant believe i passed my test first time!! I really couldn’t of done it without Mary, she had a way of just making everything seem calm in the car when all i wanted to do was have a melt down!! I was very nervous but Mary believed in me and her support and encouragement every week got me through my lessons. She explained everything so clear that i understood what and why something happened which in result i learnt from any mistakes or habits quickly. I would recommend Mary to absolutely everyone, and although im delighted to have passed i am going to miss our lessons! Thank you Mary for all your help and support :-)”

Natalie, Tallaght.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mary ever so much for all her hard work and help that she gave me. I found Mary a terrific instructor. She made driving very easy and helped me to understand how and why we drive in certain ways, rather then telling me to do a whole load of instructions without actually understanding why I was to do them. Mary’s advice that she gave me for doing my test really made me feel relaxed and confident when in the test. Mary had me so well prepared that my test consisted of no surprises. I will most definitely be recommending Mary to all my friends and family. Thank you so much!

Julie, Rathcoffey



I knew I was onto a winner from the moment I met with Mary. Typically I had left it late to prepare for my driving test but I was instantly put at ease and reassured as Mary took me through each aspect of the test day step by step and always with a smile. She consistently praised my meagre skill base and encouraged me to assess and correct my own driving habits as the lessons progressed. As a result I grew quietly in confidence and competence and completed my test successfully without nerves or worries. Without Mary’s sustained yet subtle observance and support throughout my lessons I would certainly be staring at those L plates a while longer . Many thanks Mary !

Brid, Tallaght.


Thank you so much for teaching me to drive and for giving me the skills and confidence to pass my driving test first time. With every lesson I improved so much and with your guidance, encouragement and patience I progressed into a safe and confident driver. I looked forward to all of your lessons. You made them all so informative, enjoyable and varied so as to cover every type of driving situation. You are a brilliant driving instructor, always friendly and in such good form and were very understanding of my bad habits that you got me out of very quickly. You genuinely want your pupils to be safe and confident drivers for life. I am delighted to pass my driving test first time. I couldn’t have passed the test without you. Thanks Mary

Hugh (17), Kildare.


I am writing this mail to say a big thank you to Mary for helping me to successfully pass my driving test. The lesson that I had, I feel made me pass the test on my first attempt. She is very nice lady who has the good quality and experience to teach students. The rate was very competitive, lesson with flexible hours, I had absolutely no problems. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND OTHERS TO MARY DRIVING SCHOOL. One more time thank you so much Mary… your support in terms of professionals and moral was just too good.


Kevin, Rathgar.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mary formally for her dedication and tuition in helping me pass my driving test. I found her approach direct and precise but in a devotional and patient manner, she is obviously very experienced in both driving and teaching and knows how to bring the best out in her students. A true professional and a pleasure to deal with. An all round enjoyable experience, I will definitely be recommending her to family and friends.

Shane, Maynooth.